Physical measures


Ailments of the knee joint without a tendency to swelling can be well treated through specific physiotherapy treatment. An individual treatment concept is discussed with the physiotherapy practice that cares for you.

Muscle development training

Pure physiotherapeutic exercise treatment is normally not sufficient in case of unstable capsule ligaments or recurring kneecap dislocation. Additional muscle development training with training equipment is usually employed here. This creates a muscular compensation of the unstable capsule ligaments so that types of sports (e.g. stop and go, such as soccer, tennis) with strain on the knee joint can then be carried out again without problems.


To reduce the irritating condition, electro-therapeutic treatment, possibly with the use of a medicated gel (iontophoresis), is used.

Assistive means

With respective indication, treatment uses bandages, orthopaedic devices, shoe adjustments or walking aids. In case of heavy pain symptoms, it may be necessary to temporarily provide partial relief to the affected leg with 2 walking canes.